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At DonnaJean we think outside the box; By bringing a powerful group of modern visionaries together for a collaborative synergy thats resulted in a media conglomerate composed of a film and television production company, record label, and a management house. DonnaJean is the future of entertainment. DonnaJean is Now.

Jim Garrard
Jim Garrard
Founder & President
By the age of 14, Garrard was already in the presence of Hollywood royalty, sharing the screen with acting legends like Burt Reynolds and Sally Fields. After acting in many films the wide-eyed teen decided to broaden his horizons and try his hands behind the camera. Thanks again to the director Burt Reynolds who brought him on as Assistant Casting Director for the Golden Globe nominated film, Sharky’s Machine. He soon moved to Los Angeles, at the age of 18, and went on to cast his first feature film, Mafia King Pin. Guess that is how you get the title “Hollywood’s Youngest Casting Director”. Garrard went on to enjoy 11 years as a Casting Director. True to form, he also began his Talent Manager career during those early days, representing a number of the biggest Disco Divas of all time, which does continues today. Being the diehard Entrepreneur, Garrard eventually, in 2003, founded his Production Company and Record Label, DonnaJean Entertainment and DonnaJean Records.
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