Press Release: DonnaJean Media Group and Jim Garrard Speak on the 9th Annual OUTmusic Awards

Press Release: DonnaJean Media Group and Jim Garrard Speak on the 9th Annual OUTmusic Awards

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The LGBT Academy of Recording Arts (OUTmusic Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) Organization in New York State with the mission to promote the advancement and appreciation of LGBTQ music culture & heritage as a recognized art form, create opportunities to support the development of young aspiring artists, increase visibility in honoring, documenting and archiving the contributions and achievements of marginalized LGBTQ artists into music & entertainment history.

DonnaJean Media Group and Jim Garrard Speak on the 9th Annual OUTmusic Awards

DonnaJean Media Group founder Jim Garrard comments on the devastating heartbreak from the postponement of the 9th Annual OUTmusic Awards

West Hollywood, Calif. 19th, January 2015

DonnaJean Media Group founder Jim Garrard confirmed today that the 9th Annual OUTmusic Awards have been postponed for unfortunate reasons out of his control.  The 9th Annual OUTmusic Awards were to be held on January 19th, 2015 at the Town Hall Theatre in New York City, New York by OUTmusic Inc. and DonnaJean Media Group.

DonnaJean Media Group Founder and Senior Executive Producer of the OUTmusic Awards commented, “I’m extremely devastated by this news and want to thank all who were involved in the 9th Annual OUTmusic Awards; everyone from the nominees, the performers, the production team, and the venue.  Unfortunately due to financial circumstances surrounding the event that was out of our control, the OUTmusic Awards had to be postponed to a later date to be decided.  Everyone worked hard towards making the OMA’s an event that the LGBT music community was deserving of and its truly heartbreaking that it didn’t work out.”

After previous investors involved in the event pulled out in the final week, DonnaJean Media Group made a last minute effort to raise the funds needed in the period of 36 hours. “Being as OUTmusic Inc. is a nonprofit organization, ability to raise investors are limited as the OMA’s does not provide a return on investment; with a 36 hour window, we raised the funds for the event by offering a percentage of the backend on the documentary film “For Which We Stand (One Queer Music Nation, In The Visible)” that was to be partially filmed at the OMA’s.  However upon further review of the credit worthiness of the organization during the 24 hour hold that takes place with these types of transactions, the credit standing did not meet the requirements requested by our investor.”

9th Annual OUTmusic Awards

The 9th Annual OUTmusic Awards presented by Lexus; were to be held at Town Hall Theatre in New York City, New York on January 19th, 2015.

Garrard went on further to say, “It’s hard to sit here and know that such a dedicated group that have worked hard for months at this are faced with such an obstruction.  Diedra Meredith, president of OUTmusic Inc, and a highly respected friend of mine; has put her heart and soul in to this event.  She believes in the mission of OUTmusic to the point where she has spent countless sleepless nights working towards this year’s event.  From dealing with the sponsors, the venues, the talent representation, the marketing, and everything inbetween; She is a one-woman army with a mission.  I can’t begin to describe the feelings of sympathy I feel for her knowing the emotional mess this must be putting her through.”

“Andrew McDonald, president of Production Peoples Inc., another long time friend of mine came in to put the actual show together.  PPi and McDonald are without a doubt the best in the industry at what they do.  I can say with 100% certainty that under McDonalds planning and his crew’s expertise, the 9th Annual OUTmusic Awards would have been the best presentation of the OUTmusic Awards to date.  I hope Andrew McDonald and his crew at PPi are able to come to an agreement to present the postponed showing of the OUTmusic Awards when we are able to secure funding, because it’s a loss for all those involved to not witness his expertise at work.,” says Garrard.

DonnaJean Media Group stands behind it commitment to help Meredith and OUTmusic Inc. make the 9th Annual OUTmusic Awards become a reality.  Garrard and DonnaJean urge all who can to make a charitable tax-deductible donation to OUTmusic Inc, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization to help raise the funds needed to celebrate the biggest night in LGBT Music History.

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