DonnaJean Productions and DonnaJean Media Group Finalize Co-Production Deal With Aposse/CMC

SassyGirls_2Today, DonnaJean Media Group and DonnaJean Productions Founder and President, Jim Garrard, announced the company has signed a deal with Aposse/CMC, led by President John Lage, a production and management incubator, to co-produce a reality series tentatively entitled Brew Crew. The Brew Crew series is a classic show within a show about three sassy wine marketeers from Hollywood who spin-off into the world of “craft beers”. The new venture takes the three high-brow women to sleepy Macon Georgia where they must make it work with three country brewers. Time is of the essence as venture money is on the line. The goal? Churn out two new flavors within six months or else. Currently, the two companies are readying the treatment and sizzle reel for market. Inquires: Jim Garrard