Press Release | DonnaJean Records Signs R&B Sensation Michael Brown

Donnajean Records Signs R&b Sensation Michael Brown

DonnaJean Records, the Atlanta-based indie that continues dynamic expansion with December’s addition of R&B singer/songwriter Michael Brown.

Michael Brown Signing Contract

PRLog – Jan. 6, 2009 – ATLANTA — DonnaJean Records, the Atlanta-based indie that continues dynamic expansion with December’s addition of R&B singer/songwriter Michael Brown.

Michael Brown. The name itself is pretty common. It rolls off the tongue with relative ease. But there is nothing common about the DonnaJean Records R&B sensation who bears that name.
From his warm smile to his charming personality to his golden voice, Michael Brown is the total package.
The Chicago native was bitten by the music bug at an early age. “When I was young my parents made me stand in the middle of the room and perform for them.”
But not every child sings the way young Michael sang. Influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Usher, Michael Jackson, Jodeci and Boyz II Men, Michael infuses his music with a familiarity and passion that is rarely achieved by his peers.
Michael got his first taste of the effect that his voice has on others when he was in junior high school. “I performed at a talent show and everyone screamed. The crowd went wild afterwards. I walked off stage and this girl that I liked just kissed me!” That was a sign of things to come.
Today, as DonnaJean’s sole R&B artist, Michael is poised to make a name for himself with his brand of soul music that he describes as “the melody of his heart.” “I want people who hear my music to know that I am a young man who has been through his share of strife,” he says, “and I’m not afraid to talk about it.”
Michael’s debut CD, “So Sincere,” features an array of songs that are pleasantly reminiscent of the golden days of R&B while still managing to be current and innovative. He describes “Enough” as a smooth joint that talks about the beauty of a woman.” The ballad “Never Again,” with its driving beat, “explores the subject of falling in love with your best friend and getting hurt in the process.”  And  “Give it to Me,” Michael says, is “a jazzy club banger that’s speaking about the cutie that’s checkin’ my swagger from afar and I’m letting her know that I’m diggin’ her too.” The album, which Michael says “reflects my personality as a whole,” is written entirely by the singer and produced by Mr. DaLicks.
While he enjoys singing and performing, Michael Brown is also passionate about helping others. “My goal in this business is to not only have longevity but to help others by opening and speaking at community centers, giving to charities, and having my own label. I think my role as an artist is not just to make great music but to be a positive influence in the world.”

Atlanta-based DonnaJean Records is a division of DonnaJean Entertainment, a multi-media company with offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Founded in 2003 by Jim Garrard, DonnaJean specializes in signing, developing and releasing music by artists from a wide range of genres, including Dance, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Christian.

DJE’s film division works with writers, directors and other producers to create uplifting and entertaining projects for theatrical and home video release. The company currently has one television project in development and several others on tap for 2009.

In April of next year, DonnaJean will present the 6th Annual Southeast Urban Music Conference, a three-day event featuring artist showcases, film screenings and entertainment-related seminars and workshops.

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With many years of musical experience in virtually every genre, DonnaJean Records treats its performing artists like partners. We can produce and market into all listening areas, while still allowing our Artists to achieve their own performance